June 9, 2023
Ensemble Manager is an affordable web application that has the tools you need to organize your musical group. Create seasons and concert series, keep track of rosters and repertoire, track players availability, as well create online contracts. 

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Create Seasons and Concert Series
  • Create your ensemble's season. 
  • With each season create a list of your concert series.
  • With each concert create detailed rehearsal schedule.
  • Track at a glance your roster and it's details.
  • Create detailed roster of players.
  • Message musicians and let them confirm their availability.
  • Import you list of members as csv.
  • Keep attendance.
  • Create reports.

Extensive Repertoire Library
  • Includes a comprehensive inventory database.
  • Create your own custom filters.
  • Each concert can pull from the repertoire database.
  • Able to group works together
  • Be able to access Daniel's Online

Musicians can Track Concerts
  • Musicians have their own login page. 
  • Can see dates, rehearsal schedule, roster list.
  • Download individual practice parts
  • Can print out concert details.
  • Sync Calendar 

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No setup fee!
Starting at $150 a month

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